How to enable T9 on Android?

In fact, on smartphones that run on the Android operating system, there is no T9 support (from English Text on 9 keys – dialing with 9 buttons), because this typing system is used on push-button phones. However, the keyboards of smartphones have their own system that allows you to predict the typed word and is displayed on the keyboard. Here we will include it.

The question immediately arises – which keyboard should I use as an example? Let’s take Gboard, because this is a keyboard from Google and it is probably one of the most popular, and therefore our instructions will suit most users.

Open the “Settings” on the desktop.

Go to Advanced Settings.

Click on the line “Language and input”.

Some users say that there is no such item in the menu, but it is, it just might be in other sections. We recommend using the menu search..

Click on the name of the keyboard used..

In the keyboard settings, select the “Correction of text”.

Turn on the tooltip with the switch.

It should look like this:

Open any application where you want to enter something – it could even be the Play Market. Check out.

As you can see, the clues have appeared.

By the way, the keyboard settings can be accessed differently. To do this, press the button with a smiley and hold it until an additional menu appears.

In the menu, move your finger to the gear.

Keyboard settings open.

The further process is completely identical to what is written above..