How to enable Yandex caller ID on an Android phone?

Some time ago, Yandex introduced one very interesting feature – the caller ID. What is its essence? This function checks the number that is calling you with its base, and if it is, say, advertising services, it will notify you about it. This applies only to those numbers that are not in the user’s phone book. In this article we will tell you how to install the caller ID from Yandex and enable it on your Android smartphone. Feature Supported by Android 6.0 and Above.

Open Play Market.

In the search bar indicate the word “Yandex” (without quotes) and click on the search button.

Choose Yandex from the list of applications.

Install it by clicking on the “Install” button.

The installation is automatic. When it ends, the “Open” button will appear. Click on her.

In the application, click “Get started”.

Press the “Menu” button (highlighted in red in the screenshot below).

Select “Caller ID”.

Turn it on.

Grant Permissions.

Grant permission to overlay on top of windows.

If calls from unknown numbers, including spam (advertising), are saved in the Phone application, information about this will be indicated directly in the Yandex application.

You can even indicate whether goods are actually calling and advertising products from this number..

When calling from an unknown number, you will receive information about the number. If it is not in the database, it will be listed as unknown. If “advertisers” call him and he is in the database, a corresponding notification will appear. If this is some kind of company, the identifier will also inform about it.

That’s all.