How to enter the Recovery menu on an Android phone or tablet?

Our site already managed to tell about what the menu recovery is before. Recall that this is the so-called recovery menu with which the user can, for example, reset all data or reflash his gadget.

There are two types of menu recovery (Recovery Mode): stock and custom. Stock – this is the very kind of Recovery Mode, which is installed by default. When flashing, custom Recovery Mode can be installed.

And now – the most interesting. It will be about how to enter the menu recovery. And here the user can wait for an interesting quest – on different devices this mode can be launched in different ways. How exactly? First, we’ll tell you about the universal method, and then go through specific brands of smartphones and tablets.

Universal mode

How is he good? The fact that is relevant for most modern devices.

  • Turn off your device by pressing the Power key, then in the menu, tap on the “Turn off” touch button.

  • After the device is completely turned off, you will need to press the sound reduction key and the Power key simultaneously.

  • Or – to the sound increase key and the Power key at the same time.

  • When the device starts up, the Power key can be released.

This is the most convenient way of all and the easiest to start the specified mode.

How to enter Recovery on Samsung?

For new models: press the volume up key, Power and the central Home key.

For older models, a universal method is used: pressing the key to increase or decrease the sound, as well as Power.

Google nexus

Volume Down Key + Power.

In this case, Fastboot mode will be loaded, and from there it will be possible to switch to Recovery Mode.


Classic way: volume down key + Power. Please note that the volume up and down buttons on LG smartphones may be located on the back..


Volume Up + Power.


Volume Up + Power.

Please note that Meizu has its own menu with which you can reset or update the firmware. This is not really a menu recovery.


Or increase the volume + Power:

Or decrease the volume + Power:


Volume Up + Power.

Or decrease the volume + Power.


First you need to run Fastboot Flash Mode, for which click on the Volume Down + Power button.

In the menu that boots up on the screen, go to Recovery Mode using the keys to decrease and increase the sound.


The classic version. Or Volume Down + Power:

Or Volume Up + Power:


There are several ways.

First simple: Volume Up + Power.

The second one is a bit more complicated: the Power button, then Up, the Sony logo appears and Up again.

Third way: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.

How to enable Recovery Mode through the terminal?

Download the Terminal Emulator app. Run, provide root-rights (required).

Write the reboot recovery command.

Gadget Launches in Recovery Mode.

How to enable Recovery Mode via computer?

Install Adb Run, as well as the necessary drivers. Connect the device to the computer, launch the command line on the computer, type the adb reboot recovery command and press Enter.