How to exit Fastboot mode on Xiaomi?

What is the Fastboot mode on Xiaomi smartphones, we have already said. We can briefly repeat: this is a special mode with which you can, for example, reflash your smartphone or even unlock the bootloader. Typically, users enable Fastboot on their own. However, there are situations when it boots without the owner’s knowledge: for example, in a bag, when you press a certain key combination, the smartphone first reboots, and then loads Fastboot mode. And here the question arises – how to disable this mode, if it does not even have menu items?

What the user sees on the display in Fastboot mode:

The “omnipotent” on / off key will help in this situation. Click on it and hold until the screen goes blank.

How much to keep on time? Usually 10-20 seconds is enough, but, according to user reviews, in some cases it takes more time.

Video instruction

And then what? Nothing further, because in normal condition the smartphone should automatically boot in normal operating mode.

It happens that Fastboot Mode is constantly loading when the device reboots. It was the same in our case, however, this is directly related to the fact that exactly up to this moment the smartphone was reflashed and, most likely, either the firmware did not fit, or something went wrong with the firmware. When reinstalling the software (using firmware of a different version of the release date), the problem immediately went away.

If you get a constant download of Fastboot, try turning on recovery mode and rebooting from it already. To do this, press and hold the power key to disable Fastboot mode.

As soon as the picture disappears from the screen, immediately remove your finger from the power button and press and hold the volume up key.

If everything is done correctly, the recovery menu will be loaded. Select English (move – with the sound control key, confirmation – power button).

Then click reboot.

Now – Reboot to system.

Theoretically, the smartphone should boot in normal mode.