How to find out the resolution of the phone screen?

The screen resolution or display of a smartphone is the size of the image that you see on the screen displayed in pixels. Previously, most smartphones offered several basic types of display resolution: 1280 × 720 pixels, 1920 × 1080 pixels, etc. Today, everything has changed somewhat and the display resolution of the Android smartphone can have a wide variety of numbers. In this article we will tell you how to find out the screen resolution of your smartphone.

First way

Not suitable for all users: some devices, as a rule, of the flagship segment allow you to change the screen resolution, in which case it will be indicated in the settings. Let’s show an example based on a Samsung smartphone.

Open settings.

Go to the “Display” section.

Find the “Screen Resolution” subsection, open it.

And look at the maximum screen resolution – this is it.

In some cases, the default is not the maximum resolution, as in the example, but this is another question.

Second way

If your smartphone uses only one resolution, do otherwise – take a screenshot. How to make it, we told far more than once – an example for a Samsung smartphone.

When the screenshot is taken, go to the gallery.

Tap on the screenshot.

Press the “Menu” or “Info” button. The latter can be in the form of the letter i, in our example it is necessary to click on three points.

Then – “Information”.

And already here the used screen resolution will appear:

Just remember that for photos created using the smartphone’s camera, this option is not suitable – the image may have a completely different resolution.