How to hide the application on Huawei or Honor?

Sometimes, it happens, you want to hide some kind of application when you pass the smartphone into the hands of another person. Can this be done? Depends on smartphone and firmware. So, in the early versions of EMUI, such an opportunity existed, but was later abandoned. The reason, obviously, is that this method is unreliable, because you cannot set a password.

And this is done very simply – you need to press two fingers on the display and separate them from a friend from a friend, that is, this is a similar movement to the way you would like to enlarge the image on the smartphone screen. Next, add the applications you want to hide.


In recent versions of EMUI, you cannot hide applications, but you can set a password on them, which is much more reliable. Go to Settings.

Open the Security & Privacy section..

Tap on the line “Application Lock”.

Enter the password (PIN) twice.

Block the application, for example:

Go to your desktop and open the gallery.

Enter a password to display the contents of the Gallery application.

A fingerprint scanner can also be used to unlock the application..