How to increase RAM on Android?

The RAM on the devices is not unlimited and at some certain point in its volume may become insufficient. For example, when starting additional applications, the device starts to slow down. This is where the question arises – is it possible to increase the amount of RAM on a tablet or smartphone?

A few years ago, a smartphone concept was introduced in which the user can independently change the amount of RAM, the amount of internal memory, and even the processor! Perhaps this was due to the fact that the smartphone is created from components and a collapsible housing. Alas, in real life it is impossible to add RAM to the existing hardware, but there are other ways that we will consider today.

Disabling unnecessary applications

This is a kind of optimization of applications by disabling them. The fact is that when you start the Android OS, many different applications are launched, some of which the user does not need at all, but at the same time they use RAM.

Go to the settings of your phone or tablet and select the “Applications” section.

Here, select the “Running” or “Running” tab, as in our case, and look at the list of applications.

If among them you see applications that definitely should not be involved in your opinion, click on this application, then on the “Stop” or “Disable” button.

The downside is that when you restart, these same applications will be restarted, so you can delete some of them. An exception are system applications that cannot be removed so easily – only with the help of superuser rights (root-rights). It should be remembered that removing even one system application can lead to the collapse of the entire system. be careful!

Uninstall apps

As for the removal of applications installed by you in the presence of root rights (optional), then everything is simple. Go to the same section “Applications” and see a list of installed applications.

Go to the application and just click on the “Delete” button.

Again, be careful when uninstalling system applications, this can cost you a lot.!

We use the application to create a page file

There is one very interesting application ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER, which allows you to create a swap file up to 2.5 GB, while freeing up RAM for more demanding applications. Before use, be sure to check the device for compatibility with the application using another application called MemoryInfo & Swapfilecheck. We also remind you that for the operation of ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER you need root rights.

Download the ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER app and launch.

We provide superuser rights.

After that, click on the button “Optimal value”, although you can set the size of the paging file as you wish.

Now tap on the “Enable” button.

The creation of the SWAP file begins. It may take some time..

Then you will see a SWAP activation message. Click Close.

That’s all, the page file is activated. Use applications and look at the speed of your device.