How to link Google account on Android phone?

To fully use your Android smartphone, you need to bind it to your Google account. Why, you ask? For example, with its help you can synchronize data, including contacts from the phone book – they will be tied to your account. Thus, it will be very simple to transfer them to another smartphone or, as an example, add a photo to a contact (if the contact is attached to a SIM card, you cannot add a photo). We’ll show you how to link your Google account to your smartphone..

Via Play Market

So, you have an account, what to do next?

Connect to the Internet, and then open the Play Market.

Since your device is not tied to an account, you will be prompted to enter it. Click on the button of the same name.

Next, indicate the login of your account, tap “Next”.

The next step is to specify the password for the account. After that click “Next”.

If the data was entered correctly, a page will open in front of you asking you to link the phone number to your account. Whether or not to do this is up to you. At the bottom of the page you can cancel the action.

Next, a page with the terms of use of Google services will open. Read them and, if you agree, accept. If you do not agree, you will have to refuse to use the Play Market.

The next step is to indicate whether you want to keep a backup. Then decide for yourself whether to save or not. After tap “Accept”.

The Play Market start page with applications has opened, which says one thing – you did everything right.

Through settings

There is another option – a little less convenient.

Open settings.

Find the section with accounts, which is often called so. In our example, “Users and Accounts”.

Tap on the line “Add account”.

Choose google.

Now specify the login from your account.

Next is the password.

Link your phone number to your account, if necessary.

Accept Google Service Policies.

Specify whether to back up.

Account has been added..

Nothing else to do.