How to log out of Google account on Android?

As you know, to fully work on an Android device (tablet or smartphone), you must use a Google account. So, for example, without it, you can’t get into the Play Market or, say, sync your device.

We already managed to tell how to register a Google account, and today we’ll figure out how to get out of it on the device. This, by the way, is the simplest procedure that will not take you much time..

We go to the “Settings” by clicking on the appropriate icon on the desktop.

Next, look for the subsection “Accounts”.

Choose a Google Account – click on it.

On the account page you need to find and click on the “Delete” button. As you can see, in our example it is located below. On some firmware, you will first have to click on the extra button (often indicated by three dots).

Confirm the action by clicking on the “Delete” button..

If desktop protection is enabled on the device (pin code, graphic key, fingerprint scanner, etc.), you will be prompted to disable protection. Tap OK.

Then enter the password and click “Next.” If everything is done correctly, you will see a page with valid added accounts, among which there will be no Google account. What does it mean? That you successfully deleted it from the device.

Of course, the account itself will not be deleted – you can’t simply delete it, but you will exit it and be able to use another account, for example. In order to enter data for the same or another account, just launch the Play Market application and you will be prompted to add an account and data from it.

other methods

There is another interesting way to sign out of your Google Account – by changing the password of the account itself. But! All actions must be done through the browser!

Open a browser on your smartphone.

Enter You will be prompted to enter a username and password from your Google account – the one that is tied to the phone. Enter this data.

If they are correct, your account will open.

Select the tab “Personal data” and tap on the line “Password”.

Confirm that this is your account by entering the password again.

Enter a new password. This must be done twice. Then click “Change Password”.

Password has been changed. To check if you’re signed out of your Google Account, open the Play Market. See that the system prompts you to enter login information?

So you did everything right.