How to make the flash flash on the phone when making a call?

Surely you have repeatedly seen how a flash starts flashing on a smartphone during a call. This function is not available in the device by default (except for some firmware), however you can always install an application that will use the flash.

There are a lot of such applications on the Google Play Store, which one to use – you decide. We will use the Flash Alerts 2 application.

After installation, run the application. We will be asked to configure flash configurations. Click on the Next button..

In one of the paragraphs, the application will tell you that the flash will be turned on 5 times in test mode. Click on the Test button.

If the flash fires, click Flash Confirmed.

Next, you will be prompted to configure the flash configuration. First, make sure the flash is on when you call (blue switch).

Now a little about the points in the application. Incoming Call – incoming call, Incoming Text – incoming message. If the switches are in the “On” position, it means that the flash will work both on a call and on an incoming message.

In the Device Status section, you can set when the flash turns on when making a call: with a call, with vibration, with silent mode, etc..

The DND section allows you to set the time when the flash will be turned off (available only in the paid version).

Of course, you can use any other application, but specifically this application is quite enough.