How to mute camera sound on iPhone?

But did you know that like some Android smartphones it is impossible to turn off the camera shutter sound completely? Is that completely reducing the sound volume. In this regard, iPhone devices are more interesting – in them, the shutter sound of the camera can be turned off with a special switch! And not only…

All iPhone users know that on one of the sides there is a special switch that activates silent mode. The thing is very convenient, so it is doubly unclear why the manufacturers of smartphones based on Android neglected it …

Be that as it may, in silent mode, the shutter sound of the camera is also turned off. So, before shooting, just turn the switch to the On position:

In this case, silent mode is turned on, the camera shutter sound is turned off.

Another option is to simply completely turn down the volume of the device using the volume buttons. In this case, silent mode is also activated..

There is a third way to resolve the issue, but it only works if a jailbreak is installed on the smartphone. If it’s not installed, you can’t read the article further, you won’t succeed anyway, because you need to access the file system, which is possible thanks to jailbreak. The procedure itself can lead to very unpleasant consequences, even the device’s inoperability, so think carefully if it’s worth the risk.

And the procedure is as follows:

  • Install the file manager on a computer that supports iPhone, for example, iFunBox.
  • Run the file manager on the computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer.
  • Next, you need to get to the UISounds folder, which is located at / System / Library / Audio / UISounds.
  • Find the photoShutter.caf file.
  • Rename the file, say, adding a single letter to the name, for example, photoShutterF.caf.
  • Save the changes. The camera shutter sound will disappear altogether.