How to mute the camera sound on an Android phone?

Surely you noticed that when taking photos, the camera on the tablet or phone based on the Android OS makes a sound. The idea is good, because the sound is very easy to understand that the picture was taken. But not always – in some cases I want to turn off the sound. How to do it?

First way

Surprisingly, on many Android devices, turning off the camera shutter sound is not provided at all! If you first discovered this for yourself and right now you need to take a picture without sound, then there is only one way out – turn off the sound on the device itself. For example, the sound of the camera cannot be turned off programmatically on Samsung Galaxy devices, so you need to reduce the sound. There are two ways to do this..

First: you simply turn down the sound to the very end by pressing the volume down button.

Second: press the “Power On” key and in the menu that appears, select the “Mute” item.

A similar situation with stock Android.

Second way

In some cases, you can still programmatically disable the camera shutter sound. So, this includes Flyme and MIUI firmware from Meizu and Xiaomi, respectively. The sound itself is muted in the settings. An example will be shown based on Meizu.

Go to the settings, then to the “Sound” section. Here you select “System Sound”.

Move the “Camera Shutter” lever so that it turns gray. Everything, the camera sound is muted.

In MIUI from Xiaomi, turning off the sound is not in the sound section of the settings, but in the “Camera” section. Start the camera, click “Modes”, then tap on the gear.

Here, turn the switch to the off position. next to Shooting Sound.

Third way

Suitable if the shutter sound of the camera cannot be turned off or it turns off only completely with the sound, which is not always convenient or possible. Installing a third-party application – replacing the camera will help you. One such application is the High-Speed ​​Camera – allows you to take pictures without sound.

The fourth way

Well, this is the last and most inconvenient way. But it is inconvenient in that, firstly, you need to install root-rights on the phone, and secondly, you have to delete system sounds that can only be restored if you restore them. In principle, if you wish, you can try this method. And here’s what you need to do.

Set the root-rights, then using the file manager find the sound file that is responsible for the sound made when photographing, and delete it. That’s all, there is no sound, but if you want to turn it on, you can’t do it anymore – you will have to restore the file.