How to open a PDF file on an Android phone?

PDF files sometimes have to be downloaded not only to a computer, but also to a smartphone. And it’s one thing to download, it’s quite another to run a file. However, this used to be inconvenient to do, because for this you had to download and install some third-party application. Now, most firmware by default allows you to view PDF files.

And all because there are applications like Google Drive. For example, open a website and click on the PDF file. We have the Ikea website. Click on the assembly instructions.

The file was downloaded and immediately opened in Google Drive (it depends on the firmware and device, the file can only be downloaded).

In the future, you can open the file at any time, it is located in the “Downloads” folder.

There he is:

When you click on a file, if several applications are installed that support opening PDF files at once, the system will prompt you in which application to launch it.

But what about those users who have no applications installed at all to view PDF files? One way – to the Play Market app store.

In the search bar write “pdf” (without quotes).

And choose from a huge list of applications.

As an optimal option, we recommend Google PDF Viewer. A great app for viewing PDFs on a smartphone that weighs quite a bit.

PDF Reader from Fodoo Software Inc., as indicated, can not only read PDF files, but also edit them.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has a lot of functions, including adding your own comments to the document, working with scanned documents, additional purchases from the application, etc..

Which application to choose? You decide. The list on the Play Market is huge..