How to open zip and rar file on android phone?

Imagine a simple situation: they sent you a zipped file in the mail, which contains several important documents. In order to see the documents themselves, you must extract them from the file in which they were packed. And how to do it?

In fact, opening a ZIP or RAR file is easy, often you don’t even need to resort to third-party applications for this. If you have an explorer installed in the firmware, most likely with it you can unzip the file. Here is an example: the file is in the folder, click on the file and the system offers us to extract it:

We extract, for example, in the same folder. Archive unpacked. We go into it and see our file.

If there is no built-in explorer or if it does not support unpacking files, you can download an application that allows you to create and unpack archives.

We go into the Google Play Market and write in the search for RAR.

Install the application you like. We preferred the RAR application of the same name, which was created by the famous company RARLAB. Install.

We start and look for the file to be unpacked. Here is our file:

Click on it and hold your finger until the menu appears. In the menu, select “Extract to …” and extract to the section that you need. It’s convenient for us to extract to the current folder.

Please check out the document..

Now you can open it with a suitable application.

You can also use a third-party explorer, for example, the ES Explorer application. The essence is the same: we find a file with it, click on it. Then we click on the menu button (in the form of three dots), in the menu we select the option “Unpack to”.

Next, select the path to unpack.

The file is unpacked, located in the same folder.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated.