How to put a ringtone on SMS on an Android phone?

Imagine that you have a smartphone based on the Android operating system and you want to set your own melody on SMS (the melody plays when you receive a message), which you like so much lately. How to do it?

First of all, find a melody or cut it out of some song. Next, you need to transfer it to your smartphone. To do this, we created the Media music folder (the name was invented, you can name your folder as you like), after which the desired MP3 melody was transferred to it.

Now back to our device and go to settings.

In the settings we find the “Sound” section. In our case, it is called “Sound Profiles”.

In this section you need to find the item “Sound notifications” and tap on it.

A window will appear in front of you asking what to use – multimedia storage or file manager? If you select a multimedia storage, a list of standard tunes will open, but we do not need them. Therefore, we select the file manager (in our case – ES Explorer, you can install any other one).

Using the file manager we find the very folder where we placed the file. Open this folder, see the melody and tap on it.

The sound of notifications has changed, as you can see for yourself.

To listen to the sound, if the melody suddenly does not play, click on “Notification Sound” and select the multimedia storage. Here you will see your melody. Tap on her and she will play.

Thus, you can add a lot of different ringtones for SMS and change them at least every 10 minutes.

Please note that the process is the same for all Android devices, including Samsung, Sony, Alcatel, etc. Only the shell and its appearance can change.