How to put status in Vatsap?

In the WhatsApp messenger, a separate tab is the “Status” section, with which you can add status to your profile. In this article we will show where and what to click in the application. Everything is very simple, as you can see for yourself right now..

How to add status to WhatsApp?

Launch WhatsApp and open the Status tab.

Click “My Status”.

Next, the system offers to take a photo, video (long hold the key to create a photo) or select an image from the gallery.

We will use the first method, that is, we will take a photo. Here we are invited to add a signature – add and click on the “Submit” button.

By default, the system sends the status to all contacts from your list, but you can change the privacy settings using the line with the same name and select the users who see the status. We will share the status with everyone by clicking “Submit”.

Done, status added.

The default is 24 hours or until you cancel it yourself. In the example, an image is used as status, you can use video or even plain text – you can select it in the “Status” tab if you click on the pencil icon.

You can type text here. Font and background color change.

Change status under username

You can also change the permanent status that appears in a contact list like this (your friends see this status under your name):

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

In the menu, select “Settings”.

Tap on your name or avatar.

After – on a pencil next to the status.

Choose a status from the current ones, or use your own by clicking on the pencil again.

Change the status and save. Please note that the number of characters in the status is limited..


Now your friends will see the indicated status under your name on their smartphones. This status is permanent and is not automatically deleted..