How to recover deleted SMS messages on an Android phone?

At first, we wanted to tell you about SMS recovery using both a mobile application and desktop, but then we changed our minds and decided to tell you about the message recovery from a smartphone, without a computer. Why? The fact is that restoring SMS messages, even if you did not backup, requires root rights, which you must install in any case. This applies to mobile applications, and desktop. The difference is that desktop applications can independently set root rights (and not always that), but they require a connection to a computer or laptop. Therefore, we will talk about SMS recovery using one popular application for smartphones and tablets. In this case, you do not need the help of a computer. We remind you once again that for the procedure you will definitely need root-rights. If they are missing, take care of their installation – information about this you can always find on the forum Just remember that root-rights remove the device with a guarantee, and if something goes wrong, you will not be able to exchange or repair it for free. So let’s go.

We go into the Play Market and in the search we write GT SMS Recovery.

We select the first application, which is called that, install it.

In principle, you can use any other application to restore SMS, this does not change the essence.

After installation, run the application. Click on the button “Start Scan”.

The system, of course, will require granting root rights. We provide access.

We are waiting for the application to find all the messages. Or stop it when the desired message is found.

Now select the SMS messages to be restored by ticking them and click “Restore SMS”.

Messages are restored, as reported by the application.

We go into the messages and see that they are in place.

There is, however, one unusual moment – in our case, the messages were restored out of order, but after closing the SMS application and opening it again, they “got up” in the correct order.

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