How to register in the Play Store on an Android phone?

Today, friends, we’ll show you how to register with the Play Market online store (formerly called Google Play). Without this, you will not be able to download applications from the store and synchronize your device with your account. We show two ways to register. Which one to use? It all depends solely on the circumstances in which you are. If you have a phone or tablet on hand, we strongly recommend registering with it, and if there is no touch device, then use a computer or laptop.

Please note that this is about registering a Google account, which is used in all services of the company, including the Play Market.

Register Play Market from an Android Phone

We start with the most common method, when registration occurs directly from the user’s device. An important point – the interface of the registration window may vary depending on the firmware version, but the difference lies only in the design. Therefore, this instruction is suitable for all Android devices..

First of all, turn on the Internet – registration is impossible without it. Mobile or Wi-Fi – whatever you like.

Next, open the Play Market using the desktop icon.

We see the “Login” button – click on it.

Tap on the button “Create an account”.

We choose for whom – ourselves or the child (for a child’s account there is an age limit and the ability to manage it using Family Link).

Next, indicate the name and surname. Real or not, you decide. In fact, this does not affect anything, except that in case of loss of access to an account with real data, this access will be a little easier to restore.

The next step is to indicate gender and date of birth. Again, whether or not to indicate the real information, everyone decides for himself.

Come up with a unique login. The system may also offer you a random login. In case the login you invented is busy, the system will indicate this and you will have to come up with a new login. In this case, the login is also email, so at the output it will look like *********

If there are no problems with the login, you must think up and specify a password twice. We strongly recommend that you remember it, and if you wish, write it down somewhere, but so that only you have access to the specified password.

Read the terms of confidentiality and, if everything works out, accept them.

Google Account Created Message.

Next, you will be prompted to save a backup to your Google drive. Do it or not, you decide.

The Play Market start page has opened, which means that you have successfully registered.

There is another way to create an account – not through the Play Market application, but through the system settings. In fact, the circuit is exactly the same as described above, just for a start you need to open the Settings app.

Go to the “Accounts” or “Accounts” section.

Click on the button “Add Account”.

And choose a Google account.

There is no point in describing further actions – see the instructions in the first part of the article.

Register Play Market from a computer

To register in the store from a computer, you need to get yourself a mailbox in the service. We go to the site and select “Create Account”.

Fill in the data. Here, in general, nothing complicated: first and last name, username (nickname), password, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number (optional), spare e-mail (optional), captcha and country.

You agree to the terms of the Google policy by checking the box and click on the “Next” button.

Registration was successful, as the message on the screen tells you.

Signing up for Gmail won’t take long.