How to remove application updates on Android?

As you know, not all updates are equally useful, therefore, some applications with updates work very badly, and sometimes even refuse to work. There is a thought – why not remove updates?

Alas, the Android operating system does not allow you to delete updates downloaded for applications. However, there are exceptions. For example, some application is “embedded” in the firmware. In our case, this is the Google Chrome browser. Since the application is “sewn” into the firmware, it is impossible to remove it without root rights, but it can be updated using Google Play. After the update, the “Delete” button will appear..

No, clicking on it, you can’t remove the application, but you can remove all updates by clicking on the OK button.

Next, updates will be uninstalled..

Of course, this applies only to some applications that cannot be deleted without root rights, including Google services.

There is another option. Go to the section with applications.

Select an application, then click Uninstall Updates.

Confirm update deletion.