How to remove followers on Instagram?

Not all Instagram followers are equally useful – some of them represent all kinds of stores, points of sale, etc. Someone does not like this at all, but because some users want to remove subscribers. How to do it? It is quite simple to do this, just do not forget that subscribers are deleted one at a time – getting rid of them all will not work with one click.

Removing Instagram followers from your phone

Go to Instagram app.

Click on your profile icon.

Tap on the “Subscribers” button.

Find the right subscriber. In our example, he is alone, so there is no need to choose. Click on the subscriber’s profile icon or nickname.

On the profile page, click on three dots..

In the menu that appears, select the line “Block”.

Confirm the lock by clicking “Block”.

The user will be blocked and disappear from subscribers.

Removing Instagram followers from a computer

Visit your Instagram page, click on the “Subscribers” button.

Go to the page of the subscriber you need.

Click on the inconspicuous button in the form of three dots on its page.

Tap on the line “Block this user”.

Confirm Lock.

After that, this user is removed from subscribers.