How to remove parental controls in the Play Market?

If you give your smartphone in the hands of a child or he has his own Android device, you can set parental controls in the Play Market application, thanks to which the content that the child wants to download will be filtered by rating. The function, although convenient, but not everyone knows how to disable it if necessary. But it’s quite simple.

Open the Play Market using the desktop icon.

Next, click on the “Menu” button.

Now open the “Settings”.

Tapping on the line “Parental Control”.

Push the switch.

And enter the password (pin).

If the password is entered correctly, parental controls for the Play Market will be disabled.

What if you forgot your password? The situation is completely resolved. Open Settings.

Next, select the “Applications” section.

Find and open the Google Play Store app.

Tap on the line “Memory”.

And do the data cleansing (“Reset”).

After that, you can check – the parental password in the Play Market will be reset.