How to remove the launcher on Android?

Some time ago, our site talked about what a launcher is and where to get it. Let us briefly recall that this is an application that allows you to change the appearance of the desktop, among other things. Let’s say that you installed the launcher, but you are tired of it. How to change it or delete it at all?

When you just installed the launcher, when you click on the central button, when you exit the application or in another action, a window pops up in which the system will ask you which launcher to use.

In order for the window to no longer loom, some users select the launcher and click on the “Always” button. In this case, the selected launcher will always open. How to change it in this case?

Some launchers allow you to solve this issue using your own settings. For example, if you use the Nova launcher, go to its settings, find the item “Default desktop” and click on it.

You will see a list of available desktops..

If this is not your case, you can go the other way. Open the settings, for example:

Find the apps section here.

Click “Settings”.

Once again, “Settings”.

Tap on the line “Dispatcher”.

And select the launcher that was originally used on your smartphone. Now it will be used by default.

If you can’t find such a section in your smartphone, use the menu search by key default, then select the desired section.

Well, the easiest option is to simply remove the launcher from your smartphone. You can do it through the same Play Market.

After the application is completely removed, the launcher that was used on the smartphone “out of the box” will be returned.