How to remove the pattern from Android?

New smartphones support unlocking the desktop using face or fingerprint identification, but on earlier Android devices you have to use, for example, unlocking with a pattern key. Would you like to disable the graphic key? We will show where and what to click.

Let’s start from the very first stage. Click on the power button of the smartphone and see something like the following:

Swipe the display and we are prompted to enter a graphic key to unlock the desktop. Enter the key.

Next, open the “Settings” section.

In this menu we are interested in the section “Screen lock and passwords”.

Click on the line “Password”.

After that, the system will prompt you to enter a graphic key, which you should do.

Choose your desktop unlock option. If you do not want to set a password, click “No”. On some firmware, “No” means a complete absence of blocking, when after pressing the power button the desktop immediately opens, so be careful.

Confirm action.

What does it mean? Now to unlock the desktop you need to press the power button and swipe the display with your finger.

Of course, you have the right to choose a different method of blocking. So, you can choose to choose a pin code.

Enter the pin twice.

Use it to unlock the desktop..

But unlocking by face or fingerprint is usually located in another section.