How to see blocked contacts in WhatsApp?

You are probably well aware that the contacts (read – numbers) in the WhatsApp messenger are very easy to block – if you are tired of the user, you can add it to the black list. And then the blocked subscriber will not be able to write, call and annoy you in other ways. And where is the blacklist of contacts in Vatsap? Now find out.

Open WhatsApp.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

A menu appears. In it, select “Settings”.

Next – the “Account” section.

Tap on the line “Privacy”.

Find the line “Blocked”, click.

And you see the list of blocked numbers and subscribers:

Remember that blocked ones also appear in the contact list. Click on the chat button.

And find translucent contact names in the list – these are blocked users, which is also indicated by the corresponding inscription under the name of the subscriber.

But the first method, in our opinion, is more convenient – all blocked users are on the same screen.