How to see the status in Vatsap?

Some time ago we talked about how to put status on the WhatsApp messenger. Today we’ll talk about how to view this status. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, since by default all friends of the subscriber see it. However, the user can use the privacy settings and choose the people to whom he wants to show his status – in this case only they will see him.

For an example we will take the status which all friends of the subscriber can see. Open WhatsApp.

And we see that a dot has appeared in the name of the Status tab – it says that someone has added status. Open the tab.

And here is the status of a friend. To see, click on it.

Here is such an unusual status in the form of a dark photo.

If several users from the list of your contacts have set a status, you will see them in the form of a list. Please note that the status can be used not only photos, but also video or text.

How to hide whatsapp status?

If you’re tired of statuses from a specific user, you can hide them, and future statuses will not be displayed either.

To do this, click on the status and hold for 1-2 seconds.

Then click on the “Hide” button.

Statuses will be hidden, but you can make them visible – in the reverse order (click on the “Hidden” line).

How to see whatsapp status and go unnoticed?

No way. If you look at the status, the user who added the status can easily find out, since such a possibility is provided by the system.

Want to stay incognito? Just do not look at the status, there are no other options. If someone offers you to download an application that supposedly allows you to see the status unnoticed, do not believe it – the application will most likely require payment, after which you will receive an empty wallet, and no more.

How to find out who viewed my WhatsApp status?

Go to the section with statuses and click on three points.

Three points again.

See the status. In the bottom of the window tap on the number of views.

A list of people who see your status will appear.