How to see the Wi-Fi password on an Android phone?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find out the password from a particular Wi-Fi network to which the smartphone is connected (or was connected) – it is not reflected in the connection settings. Can I somehow find out this password? It is possible, but we warn you right away – not everything is so simple. Let’s understand.

Connect to a network using a QR code

If you do not know the password, but at the same time another smartphone is already connected to the desired Wi-Fi network, you have the opportunity to connect to it using a QR code. No, the password itself will still be encrypted, which, however, will not interfere with the network connection..

Open “Settings”.

We go to the section with wireless connections.

Select Wi-Fi.

Before us is a list of available networks. Choose the one that is connected to Wi-Fi.

We see the QR code. Scan it from another smartphone (how to do it, read here).

On the second smartphone, you will see something like the following:

Just click “Connect to Wi-Fi”.

Connection will happen automatically. If this does not happen, there may be various options: for example, a ban on connecting to the device’s MAC address is set. This question should be addressed to the network administrator..

Find out the password manually (first method)

But for the second method, you will need root rights and nothing else. But if you provide them, then you can see the password.

In our example, ES Explorer is used, and at the time of writing, this application cannot be found in the Play Market. We don’t know the reasons for its absence, but it doesn’t change the essence – you need any file manager with root-rights support.

Open Play Market.

In the search, specify the query “file manager with root” or “file manager with root rights” (without quotes).

Choose from the list and install.

Run and grant root rights to the application.

Choose primary storage.

Next is the Data folder.

Now select the Misc folder.

Find the Wifi folder.

Next, open the wpa_supplicant.conf file (on some versions of Android, it may be called WifiConfigStore.xml).

Network name – ssid string, password from it – psk.

We find out the password manually (second method)

An even simpler method with root rights.

Go to the Play Market and find the WiFi Key Recovery app.

Install, run and provide root-rights. The application automatically finds a file with connection data and displays the data on the screen.

In the reviews they write that the application does not always work, and in this case, we recommend that you use the methods described above.