How to set a ringtone on a Honor or Huawei phone?

There is nothing difficult in changing the ringtone on your favorite smartphone from Honor or Huawei. Let’s say more: if you want to set your own ringtone, this is done quickly and easily. The main thing is that the ringtone is in the memory of your smartphone. And whether it will be downloaded from the Internet, or downloaded from another source (for example, a computer or laptop), it does not matter.

How to put a ringtone on a call on Huawei or Honor for all contacts?

First go to settings.

Next, find the “Sounds” section and tap on it. This section may also be called “Sounds and Vibration.”.

Here you need to select the SIM card for which you are setting the signal. As an example, we use the first SIM card.

To listen to a melody, just tap on it – and it will play. Once you select a ringtone, just click on the back arrow.

A new tune has been set.

Above, we talked about the way when you just need to change the melody to another one from the system list. If you want to set your own melody, you need to act a little differently.

On the same page with melodies, click on the line “Music on the device”.

Next, you will see a list of all the songs that are present on the smartphone. Just select the one you need: when you click, the melody will play, and when you’ve made your choice, click on the back arrow.


How to set a melody to contact Honor or Huawei?

Now let’s talk about how to set a melody for a specific contact.

Go to the Phone app.

Then open the “Contacts” section.

Select the contact you need, tap on his name.

When the contact page opens, you will need to click on the item “Ringtone”.

Choose a melody from the internal memory (including your own ringtone), after which you do not forget to click on the “Back” button.


In the same way, you can set your own melody for other contacts from the notebook.


You can use the player to set the ringtone as a ringtone.

Open the player (our example uses AIMP). Select a melody, tap on it with your finger and hold until a menu appears.

Click on the line “Set as ringtone”.


And if it doesn’t work out, that is, you see a message like No permissions, it only means that the player does not have full access to the memory or phone, so you need to grant rights manually through the application (player) settings.