How to set a ringtone on Android?

Modern smartphones by default in their memory, as a rule, have a fairly large number of ringtones for every taste, while the user can easily and simply add his own melody if necessary – the main thing is that it is in the memory of the device itself. However, let’s talk about everything in order.

How to put a ringtone on a call in an Android phone for all contacts?

As an example, we will use a smartphone from Huawei, but the manual is universal, and therefore suitable for other Android devices.

Open settings.

Select the Sounds section (may be called differently, for example, Sounds and Vibration).

Next, tap on the line “Ringtone” for the SIM card for which you want to set the ringtone. Let be the first SIM as an example.

Select a predefined melody by simply tapping on it, for example:

Next, just click on the “Back” button. And nothing else needs to be done. Done.

If you want to set your melody, it must be in the device’s memory: you can download it either from the network, or transfer it from a computer or laptop. Everyone on the same page with ringtones tap on the line “Music on device”.

In this case, the system shows all the musical compositions that are available on the smartphone. Just tap on the melody, listen to it and, if it suits you, press back.

The melody has been changed.

On other smartphones, the system can give you a choice – you can choose the place where the melody is stored. An example is Xiaomi, where you can select the same conductor.

And in the Music folder (used as an example) we see our ringtone. It remains only to select it and confirm the action.

The melody was chosen.

How to set a ringtone to a contact in an Android phone?

Modern Android devices support setting a ringtone for each individual contact in your notebook – in any case, most smartphones.

Open the Phone application.

Then open the contacts section.

Find the desired contact and tap on it, for example:

On the contact page, click on the line “Ringtone”.

We provide access if necessary, and then select a melody, you can also use your own ringtone:

When a melody is selected, simply click on the “Back” button. The ringtone for this subscriber has been changed to the selected.

Additional way

You can use … Music player! Take the popular AIMP player as an example..

Open, select a playlist with tunes or some separate melody, as in our example.

Tap on the melody and hold it with your finger until the menu appears. In the menu, select “Set Ringtone”.


If you see a message like No permissions, you must grant the player rights to access the memory and phone – do it yourself through the application settings.

After that, everything should work out.