How to set a ringtone on Xiaomi?

In this article we want to tell how to change or set your own ringtone on your Xiaomi smartphone. If you want to put a specific melody on a ringtone, make sure that it is in the device’s memory beforehand. For example, you can download it from the network or transfer it from another source, including a computer or laptop.

How to put a ringtone on Xiaomi for all contacts?

Go to settings.

Then select the section “Sound and vibration”.

Tap on the line “Ringtone”.

If you use the built-in melodies, just click on the ringtone, after which it will start playing. If you like the specified melody, click on the “Back” button.

The melody has been changed.

To set your own melody, select “Select a melody on the device”.

Then you need to select the section where you want to find your melody. In our example, we use “Explorer”.

Before us is the file system. Open the Music folder (in your case, the folder may have a different name).

Here we have several tracks prepared in advance. Select the desired one by tapping on the composition, and then confirm the action with the OK button.

Now it is this melody that is used as a ringtone for a call.

How to set ringtone to contact on Xiaomi?

You can set a personal melody for each contact..

Go to the Phone app.

Select the Contacts section.

Find the desired contact and tap on its name, for example:

Click on the line “Default ringtone”.

Select a melody and confirm, for example:

The ringtone for this particular contact has been changed..

You can also use your own melody. How to do this, you already know from the first part of the article.