How to set an alarm on a Honor / Huawei smartphone?

It happens – you’re looking for an alarm clock on your smartphone and for some reason you don’t find it, you have to go to the Play Market and install a third-party application … In fact, the alarm clock is built into the proprietary Clock application, as well as on other Android smartphones and not only. Example – based on Honor or Huawei smartphones.

We find this application on the desktop and tap on it.

If necessary, select the “Alarm” tab and see a list of available alarms. In our case, one alarm is available, click on it.

Next, we indicate all the necessary parameters: on time, days of the week by which it will be turned on, melody, vibration signal, description, signal duration and pause duration. After setting the parameters, click on the checkmark to save (highlighted in red).

The alarm is on. Disabled by switch.

To add another alarm, or if there are no alarms in the list at all, click on the plus icon.

Set the alarm and save.

You use several different alarms (at the same time or not – optional).

And you can add not two, but much more – if necessary.