How to set date and time on Samsung phone?

Formally, on Android smartphones, the time setting is not required, since the data is synchronized with the network the first time you connect to the Internet. But it also happens that there is a need to change the date or time manually. How to set them up on Samsung smartphones? For example, we use the smartphone of a Korean company with proprietary firmware One UI.

Tear off the “Settings”.

Find and go to “General Settings”.

Here is the line “Date and time”.

As you can see, auto-detection of time is used (synchronization with the network).

To set the date or time, disable this item..

Now you can set the date and time manually. If you need to change the time, tap on the line “Set time”.

Indicate the time, do not forget to click “Finish”.

To set or change the date, select the line “Set Date”.

And set the date. When finished, click “Finish”.

Here you can select the time zone.

For reverse synchronization with the network, if necessary, enable the item “Auto-detect time”.

Everything is simple.