How to set or change the time on a Honor smartphone?

Usually, we set the time on the smartphone at the moment when we turn on the device for the first time after purchase: the device is initially set up. But what if you needed to change the time on your smartphone right now? This is easy to do with the settings. This article is an example for a Honor phone..

We find the “Settings” icon on the desktop and click on it.

Next, click on the line “System”.

Here is “Date and Time”.

You can do it easier – in the search bar specify the key “time” (without quotes) and select the desired menu item.

By default, auto-time is used (synchronization with the network). To make it possible to manually set the time, you must disable this item.

The lines “Date” and “Time” appeared. Since we need to set the clock, we choose the second option.

Set the time and click OK.

Here you can change the time zone.

If you need to synchronize time with the Internet, turn on the “Auto-tuning” item back.