How to set photo on Xiaomi contact?

Xiaomi, like any other Android smartphone, got the opportunity to set photos on a contact from your phone book. However, under one condition – the contact should be tied to the account, and not to the SIM card, otherwise nothing will work. In our example, the contact is tied to a Google account.

Open the Phone app.

Click on the line “Contacts”.

Select a contact from the list for which you want to set a photo, for example:

Tapping on the user’s avatar:

A menu appears, in it you select the next step: either use the image from the gallery, or you can take a photo. We will use the first option.

Select an image from the gallery, for example:

Crop and click OK.

The photo was set to contact.

To delete or change, tap directly on the image – a menu appears with a choice of further action:

It’s easy to figure out the menu.