How to speed up the Internet on an Android phone?

Mobile Internet is becoming increasingly popular – people began to prefer smartphones and tablets to the once more familiar computers and laptops. Today they access the Internet more often from a mobile device. But if the home Internet is usually characterized by a stably high speed, then the mobile does not always satisfy users. The question arises – is it possible to somehow increase the speed of the Internet on a smartphone or tablet based on Android?

What are the ways to resolve the issue??

To increase the speed of the Internet, there are many applications, one of which we will consider today. Please note that most applications work only with root rights, since they need to make certain changes to the system. Some may work without root rights. In any case, you cannot guarantee an increase in speed..

In addition, we will deal with browser settings, which can also allow you to increase the speed of your Internet connection..

Do not forget that devices that support 4G, allow you to load pages much faster than 3G.

Configure an Internet browser

We will start by setting up your Internet browser. In this case, we will talk about Google Chrome for Android.

Launch Chrome and click on the button in the form of three dots at the top of the screen.

A menu will appear in which you will need to select the “Settings”.

In the settings there is a subsection “Saving traffic”, click on it.

You will be moved to this subsection. It will be written here that when this function is enabled, Google servers will begin to compress the data before displaying it in a browser. Turn on the function by tapping the button.

In the same window, you can observe how much the function allows you to compress the data. For example, in our case, the compression ratio was already 52%.

Agree, not bad at all, especially if you remember that the smaller the page size, the faster it loads, including.

We use the application with root rights

Download the application to speed up the speed of the Internet. For example, it could be Internet Speed ​​Master.

Download, install and run the application. When it requires root-rights, give access. Please note that changes will be made to the system, so we strongly recommend that you backup.

After starting, click on the Apple Patch button (the Restore button allows you to remove the patch).

Reboot the device and check the connection speed.

We use the application without root rights

If you do not have root rights on the device, it does not matter. You will see the message No Root Access on the screen and you will be prompted to click on the Improve Internet Connection button. In this case, the application will try to optimize the connection without modifying the system..

We received a message that the internet connection has been improved. You can try out the connection speed..


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