How to transfer files via Bluetooth on an Android phone?

Bluetooth is a technology that enables the exchange of information between various devices. For example, in our case, you can transfer files from the tablet to the phone or vice versa, while the radius of action, as a rule, should not exceed 10 meters.

Despite the fact that almost all smartphones and tablets are equipped with Bluetooth, not everyone can use file transfer using this protocol. Today we will tell you how to turn on Bluetooth on your Android device and how to use it to send and receive files.

How to enable Bluetooth on Android?

So, we have two devices and we want to transfer a photo from one of them to the other. What should be done? First of all, turn on Bluetooth. The power button is under the curtain, but we recommend that you enable the protocol using the settings. Go to settings and find the Bluetooth section.

Go into it and use the switch to turn on Bluetooth.

Click on the name of your device to make it visible (in some cases, check the box to make the device visible).

Please note that the duration of the session is 2 minutes, which should be enough to search for devices. After the devices become visible to each other, select the second device by tapping on it.

Now you need to confirm the pairing of devices, and you need to do this on both devices. The same code should be displayed on both devices – so you will be sure that you are connecting to the desired device.

Devices are paired, as indicated by “Connected devices”.

How to transfer files via Bluetooth from a phone or tablet?

When devices are paired, you can organize file transfers. Since initially we wanted to transfer the photo from one device to another, we go to the gallery. In the gallery we find the desired photo, for example:

In the upper right corner, click on the icon marked with an arrow, after which a menu appears. In this menu, select Bluetooth.

Now we move to the page with the choice of the device to which the file will be transferred. Since we are paired with only one device, we select it.

On another device, a message appears stating that you need to accept the file. Accept it.

File received.

It’s so easy, simple and convenient to use Bluetooth technology.

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