How to transfer photos from a Samsung phone to a computer via USB?

The need to transfer photos from a smartphone to a computer / laptop or vice versa arises quite often among users. The transfer process itself is very simple, although there are some nuances here, which we, of course, will discuss in this article. All you need is the Samsung smartphone itself, a USB cable (with which you, among other things, charge your device), as well as a computer or laptop.

How to transfer photos from a Samsung phone to a PC?

Take a USB cable – preferably the one that came with your smartphone.

One side connect it to a PC or laptop.

And the other – to your smartphone.

Now unlock the smartphone screen – this is extremely important. You should see the following message:

Select “Allow” – to provide access to the file system of the smartphone.

If the message does not appear, call up the quick access menu (“curtain”) and tap on the line “USB for file transfer”.

Select File Transfer if the menu is active..

Or, as an option, disconnect the cable from the device and reconnect, a menu should appear on the desktop.

Now open “My Computer” on your PC or laptop and select the connected device.

Next, you will see the internal memory and the memory card, if any.

Now open the drive where the photos are saved – usually this is the internal memory, but sometimes the images are saved on the memory card – Samsung firmware supports this. In our case, we are talking about internal memory.

Tap on the DCIM folder – Digital Camera Images.

Here is the Camera folder.

You select images for transfer, you can do it several times at once, then click on the right mouse button and in the menu that appears, click on the “Copy” button (or “Cut” if necessary).

Select a folder on the computer or laptop disk, right-click, click on the line “Insert”.

Images will be copied or transferred. Transfer time depends on the number of photos, their size, system speed, etc..