How to transfer photos from phone to Android phone?

Want to transfer images from one Android smartphone to another? It is not so difficult to do this, although some actions will have to be taken. In general, there are several ways to transfer and we will tell you about the simplest and most convenient. But which one to use, you decide.


Traditionally, one of the most convenient ways to transfer photos.

Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.

Open the gallery on the smartphone from which you will send the photo. Choose an album to transfer (you can also individual photos – optional). Then tap “Send”.

Choose bluetooth.

Find the new smartphone in the list of available devices and click on it.

A notification appears on the second smartphone, take photos.

At the end of the process, the downloaded photos can be found in the Bluetooth folder in the gallery.

If there are many images, the transfer may take a long time, but it’s worth it.

Instant messengers

For transfer, we strongly recommend using unlimited Wi-Fi. There is one important point – you will have to use a different number for the messenger to which you will transfer the photos (it’s important if you try to transfer the photo to your own phone), they are in any case stored in the gallery

Choose a suitable messenger, for example, WhatsApp. Start chat.

Select a contact, for example:

Click on the file attachment icon.

Choose gallery.

Add images, you can several at once, then click on the “Send” button.


These images are stored in the gallery in the WhatsApp folder..

Google Photos

There is such an application – Google Photos. Often can be found even on new smartphones in the section with Google applications. This application will allow you to transfer photos, and you will need a minimum of action.

First, we connect the Internet on both devices. Since we are talking about transferring photos, of which there can be very, very many, use unlimited Wi-Fi so as not to pay for traffic.

We tie the smartphone to the same Google account – this must be done, otherwise nothing will work.

If the device does not have the Google Photos application, you can download it from the Play Market.

Search by the key “google photo” (without quotes).

Install application.

Run on both smartphones, grant rights to access images.

Next, a message appears about autoload photos and automatic synchronization. Confirm the action by clicking OK.

Click on the indicated image on the first smartphone. The download of images to the cloud server of your Google account will begin. Moreover, by default, images taken to the smartphone’s camera are transferred, the remaining folders must be selected through the settings.

After adding photos to the server, they will be automatically synchronized with other devices and you will see them in the Google Photos application. True, they will be stored in the “cloud”, so they will have to be saved manually on the device.

Not the most convenient option, but the likelihood that photos will be lost is minimal. In addition, you will have the opportunity at any time to find your photo without taking up space in the device’s memory.