How to turn on the notification indicator on an Android phone?

On Android smartphones, as a rule, you can both turn on the notification indicator and turn it off. Of course, in the event that it is generally available in the device, since in many inexpensive models the indicator is absent in principle. Turning it on is easy.

Go to “Settings” using the application on the desktop.

Open the Notifications section.

Click “Other notification settings”.

Turn on “Blinking Indicator”. Or turn it off – as needed.

Some smartphones also allow you to change the color of notifications, for example, Xiaomi.

These screenshots are relevant for Honor / Huawei smartphones. But what if, for example, you have a Samsung smartphone? Do this: find the search bar.

Start typing the word “notification” (without quotes).

And immediately you will see a section with the settings in which this search query is indicated. Click on the desired menu item and get where you want.