How to unlock a contact (number) in WhatsApp on an Android phone?

How to get rid of annoying contact in WhatsApp? That’s right – block it, which is what many users of this super-popular messenger do. But sometimes it becomes necessary to unlock a previously blocked contact – and what to do? Unlock!

Tap on the WhatsApp icon on your desktop.

Then click on the create chat button.

Find the blocked contact in the list – it will be indicated that this user is blocked. Click on a contact.

You will be prompted to unblock the user. Confirm action.

User has been unblocked..

You can also unblock via chat with this user on the WhatsApp main page. Open chat and click on three dots.

A menu appears in which you need to tap on the line “More”.

And now – “Unlock”.

Contact will be immediately unlocked.

Of course, nothing will stop you from blocking this contact in the future.