How to update the version of Android on a phone / smartphone?

Many users ask such an interesting question – they say I have a smartphone, I want to update the version of Android. This is especially true when Android 4.4 is installed on the device, and some gadgets use version 7.0..

The desire for updating is understandable, but first we must explain the following to you: despite the fact that Google can release a new version of Android, this does not mean that your device has firmware with an updated operating system. Moreover, many manufacturers do not support firmware updates for older smartphones. You can understand them – this is a saving, and in addition, a certain incentive for the user to change his device to a more modern.

There are other situations. For example, the smartphone uses firmware 4.4, although Google has released version 6.0. Some manufacturers improve firmware within the same version of Android, that is, they can update the firmware, but the version of the operating system does not change – all the same 4.4. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you can update the OS version on a smartphone. However, if you know for sure that a firmware with a new version of Android has been released for your gadget, we will show what you need to do to update.

As an example, we’ll take the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The device model does not play a role, so the essence does not change.

So, the first thing you should do is charge the device at least up to 80% – not less, but better – up to 100%.

The next item is Internet connection. We strongly recommend using Wi-Fi. Why? Yes, because the size of the firmware can be measured in gigabytes. If you download it using the mobile Internet, do not be surprised at the huge bill later. However, if you have an unlimited mobile Internet package connected, there should be no problems.

Internet connected.

Now we are looking for an application with settings. Here it is in our case:

We go into the settings and see many sections. We are interested in the one called “About the smartphone” or “About the device”. This is usually the most recent menu section..

In a new window, you will see various menu items, including the Android version, model number, firmware version, etc. At the top of the window there is the item “System Update” or “Software Update”. Click on it.

Next, click “Update” or “Check for update”.

Click Yes.

Since there is an update for your operating system, software download will begin immediately.

The update has been downloaded, click on the “Install” button, after which the device will be turned off. In some cases, you do not need to press anything, the device will turn off itself after downloading the software.

After turning off, the smartphone will turn on again and you will see a green robot, as well as the inscription “Installing system update” or Installing system update, or nothing at all except the robot and the boot bar, which reflects the update progress. Updating may take some time, in no case do not restart the device, do not disconnect it, do not remove the battery.

After the update, the smartphone will turn on. Your firmware has been updated..

Here is the procedure. There is another option – updating the firmware in manual mode. However, you will have to download the firmware and install it yourself, and to do this is not as easy as updating by air. For a description of the process of updating firmware for your smartphone in manual mode, look at the forum (for different smartphones, it differs).

Do I need to backup before updating the system?

In general, usually all data is saved during the upgrade. However, if an error occurs during the upgrade, you will probably have to reset the settings, and in this case, all data is deleted. Therefore, before flashing, we still strongly recommend that you backup important data, such as photos. Phone numbers can be saved by syncing with your Google account.