How to update Viber on an Android phone / smartphone?

It would seem that the Viber messenger appeared not so long ago, but it is used by hundreds of millions of people in the world (according to other sources – more than a billion!). This is one of the most popular instant messengers for mobile devices. Like other applications, Viber is periodically updated, which means that the user must update the application on his smartphone, phone or tablet, unless the application is automatically updated in the Google Play Market.

First of all, we connect the Internet, and preferably Wi-Fi, because money can be debited from your account for downloading using mobile Internet.

Next, open the Play Market and write in search viber or vibe. The application is the first in the list, click on it. By the way, you may notice that it requires updating – there is a corresponding inscription.

Before you opened a page with the application. See the “Refresh” button? Click on her.

The update may begin immediately, or may require permission if, for example, additional functions have appeared. You need to click on the “Accept” button.

Application update has begun. Wait for the necessary files to be downloaded..

Updates are installed automatically. As soon as Viber is updated, the “Open” button will appear..

Viber updated.

Video instruction

How to see the version of Viber in the phone?

Go to settings, find the section “Applications” or “Application Manager”.

Find the Viber app, click on it.

The application page will open, next to the name is indicated its version.