How to wipe the phone screen?

Smartphone screens get dirty very quickly. This is not surprising, because we constantly touch them with our fingers, and in the case of a smartphone, also with our face skin during a conversation. The better to wipe the touch screen?

The best and most inexpensive device is a regular microfiber cloth, which is given in the appendage, for example, when buying a film or protective glass for a smartphone. You can also buy it in the department of selling glasses, electronic equipment or in a pharmacy. She does a great job with greasy stains, fingerprints and even dust..

If the screen is too greasy, you can use special wipes that wipe the usual computer monitor. But be careful! The fact is that, firstly, such wipes can be excessively wet, as a result of which water can simply disable the device, and secondly, it is impossible for special wipes such as alcohol or ammonia to be contained in the wipes. Why? They can affect the oleophobic coating, spoiling it.

If moisture gets on the screen, immediately wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth.

In general, microfiber is the best option.

Is it possible to protect the screen from dirt??

Generally speaking, any screen is covered up, although if you use a matte film, fingerprints will be invisible.

The oleophobic coating not only protects the screen from the greasy stains themselves, but makes it easy to get rid of them by running just the same microfiber on the screen. On displays where there is no oleophobic coating, greasy stains are more difficult to wash.

The best option is to keep a small microfiber cloth in your pocket and use it as needed.