Huawei Share on the phone: what is it and how to use it?

Huawei Share is another way to send a file to another user who is using a Huawei or Honor smartphone. Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth technology are used to send files and data. Why is Huawei Share more convenient than the same Bluetooth? At least the fact that files are transferred much faster.

Most likely, you saw the Huawei Share icon when you called up the curtain. Here is the icon of this functionality:

To use the function, find the file to send. We will use the image. Open it in the gallery and click “Submit”.

Next, click Huawei Share.

The device search begins. On the second device, turn on Huawei Share, you can use the same curtain.

Immediately after enabling Huawei Share on a second smartphone, the user is found. Click on the user icon.

On the second smartphone we see a notification and accept the file.

The file is received, and instantly. Since this is an image, you need to look for it in the gallery in the Huawei Share folder.

Of course, this way you can transfer other files as well..