Is it possible to charge a phone (smartphone) from a computer via a USB port?

This question is asked by users who, for example, are not able to charge their mobile device from the network due to, say, loss of a charger. However, there is a computer or laptop nearby, why not “recharge” from it? Is it possible to do this, what are the pitfalls?

Have you noticed that when you connect your smartphone to a computer, it immediately starts charging? Due to certain features, it takes much longer to charge the device from the USB port, however, after some time, the smartphone will still charge. There are no contraindications against charging from a USB port of a computer or laptop, although there is an opinion among specialists that a smartphone charged from a USB port and not from the network will discharge a little faster.

What turns out? It turns out that it is possible to charge a smartphone from a computer, although it is preferable to do this all the same from mains charging. By the way, pay attention to the fact that this applies only to phones and smartphones. As for tablets, some models do not charge from USB at all. There are no such problems with smartphones.

By the way, another interesting point. It is believed that the USB ports that are on the front of the system unit cannot provide the necessary current for charging the smartphone – it will charge, but this process stretches for long hours of waiting. In addition, there is an opinion that charging in this case can adversely affect the device’s battery, although this can be noticed not immediately, but several months or even years after the start of operation. Conclusion – it is better to use the USB ports that are on the back of the system unit.

Another question – is it possible to charge the device all night from a USB port? This question is asked for the reason that the batteries of some mobile devices sometimes simply burned out during prolonged charging. This is not a threat to modern devices, since they use a special control chip that monitors both energy consumption and energy intake. If the charger is working properly and there is no problem with the control chip, charging the smartphone will automatically stop as soon as it is 100% charged. And how many do not charge the smartphone from the network or USB port, it will not charge after the specified threshold.

Total. You can charge your smartphone or phone from the USB port, but it’s better to use the power from the network. There should be no problems when charging from USB, if the device is charged all night.