Messenger: what is it in simple words?

To communicate with friends and relatives in the old days, we used voice communication, that is, calls, a bit later SMS messages appeared, which, by the way, were very popular with users. And with the advent of smartphones, the so-called messengers appeared to the world. What is it all about and what is it for??

It’s simple: the messenger is a special application that allows you to exchange instant messages with other users. Here you can immediately ask: what is the difference from SMS messages? One of the main differences is that you do not pay for each message sent – you can send as many messages as you like on the messenger and not pay a dime for it (in fact, you only pay for traffic, while at some tariffs the traffic in messengers has not been taken into account). Now you understand why SMS messages have become much less popular than before, and cellular operators suffered huge losses?

We note another important point: with the help of a messenger you can not only send messages, but also call your friends – the connection is via the Internet. Calls can be called free – the user only pays for mobile traffic, and subscribers can be located even on different continents. Some instant messengers support calls to landline numbers, this is a paid service, paid per minute.

Messengers including support for sending various files, video calls, adding statuses, backup data to servers, etc..

What are the downsides? If we consider this issue globally, then, in our opinion, the main drawback is that instant messengers cannot be combined together. Not understood? Look, there are a huge number of different messengers, each of which needs to be installed on your smartphone. Thus, about 5 different instant messengers can be installed on the device and each needs to be launched separately. This is inconvenient, moreover, the resources of the device are consumed. Another thing is if all 5 instant messengers could be combined in one application. In general, work in this direction has been ongoing for a long time, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to implement a single messenger at least in the coming years, and it is clearly not necessary for the creator of such applications.

The most popular instant messengers

We wanted to talk about all the instant messengers that exist on the planet, but then you can’t do just one article, so let’s better tell you about the most popular and popular instant messengers.


One of the most popular instant messengers in the world. Back in 2016, it was announced that the number of users exceeded the 1 billion mark. Interestingly, until the same year 2016, the service was paid, starting from the second year – then a fee of about $ 1 per year was charged.


Another very popular messenger, including in the Russian Federation. According to sources, in August 2015, more than 600 million Viber users were registered.

Facebook messenger

According to Internet sources, Facebook Messenger is a very popular messenger: as of April 2017, the monthly audience of Facebook Messenger was 1 billion people.

It’s funny that Facebook Messenger, like WhatsApp, belongs to the huge Facebook empire (relevant at the time of writing).


The infamous messenger is blocked on the territory of several states. Still very successful in many countries..


One of the most famous instant messengers that many people know about the Windows operating system. Pretty popular on mobile too.

Installing a messenger on a smartphone

Finally, we will quickly show how to install the messenger on your Android smartphone. For example, take the Viber messenger.

Go to the Play Market.

In the search, specify “viber” or “vibe” (without quotes).

On the application page, click “Install”.

We are waiting for the download of files and installation – everything happens automatically.

When the application is installed, the “Uninstall” and “Open” buttons will appear. Click on the latest.

When starting, read the terms of use of the application and click “Next”.

Enter the phone number to which the account is registered.

Grant required permissions.

The application will be activated (either they will call your number or send an SMS message, depending on the rights granted to the application).

Done. Add name, year of birth, photo (optional).

Start chatting.

The installation of this messenger is shown as an example, you can install another messenger in the same way as you wish.