MTKLogger: what is it?

The other day we received a message from Sergey, who writes that some time ago MTKLogger appeared on his smartphone. Sergei worries if the program is a virus and what to do with it.?

MTKLogger is a special application for collecting system logs on platforms based on MTK processors. The application performs the same function as the log in the Windows operating system – saves logs in a folder called mtklog.

What is the MTKLogger app for? If we talk about a simple user, then he doesn’t need it corny, since he will not understand a huge amount of information contained in the logs, and occupying a lot of free space. But for those users who need logs, for example, for statistics, the application will undoubtedly be useful.

It would seem, why not forget about this application? The fact is that the size of the folder with the logs can increase and increase so much that it takes up a lot of free space, so you should get rid of the logs. To disable MTKLogger, you need to:

  • Go to the engineering menu on the device.
  • Find the Log and Debugging tab.
  • Select item MTKLogger.
  • In the settings, disable the MobileLog, ModemLog and NetworkLog sections using the switches.
  • Exit engineering menu.
  • Delete mtklog folder.

Now the logs will not be created. You can enable MTKLogger in the reverse order..