Percentage battery charge on an Android smartphone

As far as we know, in the first versions of the Android operating system, the ability to display the percentage of battery charge on the screen in the status bar was not available. However, on more modern firmware this can be easily done even without third-party applications. We show fully the process itself.

Go to settings.

Here we find the section “Battery” (sometimes it is called “Power”).

Put a check mark next to “Battery Charge”.

We look at the status bar and see that the charge is displayed in percentage.

On some firmware this item may be called differently. For example, at Sasmung it’s called “Battery Percentage”.

You understand that the name does not play any role, the essence of the process does not change.

If for some reason you are unable to use this instruction, you can use the Play Market. Write something like “battery percent” (without quotes) in the search and select the application to your taste. Applications also allow you to display interest on the screen..

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