Play Market writes “Waiting for download.” What to do?

Many users have faced this problem – when you want to download or update the application on your Android smartphone, the Play Market displays “Waiting for download” and nothing happens. The application can be anything, it has nothing to do with the matter. At the same time, interestingly, the search on the Google Play Market store works without any problems. So what’s up? 99.99% probability problem in user’s device.

To begin with – a screen of errors. Nothing special, just pay attention to the highlighted space in red in the screenshot below:

This is the problem that we will try to deal with..


Practice shows that often you just have to wait. How many? Well, a minute or two, we think, will be more than enough. And if after that the application did not start downloading, then it’s time to start other actions.

Turn off the internet and turn it on again

If the problem is connected, you can try to turn off the Internet for 5-10 seconds, and then turn it back on.

If Wi-Fi, then Wi-Fi, if mobile Internet means mobile.

Change your internet connection type

Change of connection may help. So, if your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, you need to connect to mobile Internet or vice versa. Just remember that you may be charged for traffic if you do not have a package tariff.

Uninstall Play Market Updates

We turn to more complex procedures – this is the removal of updates to the Play Market. The application itself will not be deleted, but its updates will be deleted. At the same time, the Play Market will be updated automatically in the future.

Open the “Settings” on the desktop.

Go to the section with applications.

Find the Google Play Store.

On the application page, look for the “Delete updates” button. We have it hidden under three points.

Confirm action.

Go to the Play Market and try to install the application you need..

Data Cleanup for Play Market

In the settings, open “Applications”.

Tapping on the Google Play Store line.

Click on the item “Memory”.

Delete cache.

It is also worth deleting the data, but in this case, deauthorization from the Google account occurs, so you will have to re-enter the login and password to enter (once).

Sign out of your Google account

Perform this procedure only if you remember the data from your account – username and password, otherwise you may expect data loss, including even the phone book.

In the settings, open the “Accounts” section.

Choose a Google Account.

Click on the “Delete” button.

Confirm Deletion.

Account deleted.

Upon entering the Play Market, you will be prompted to enter information from your account. Enter your username and password, then try installing the application.

Other applications are loading

If an application or an update for it is already downloading, the appearance of the message “Waiting for download” is the norm, since applications are downloaded strictly in sequence (relevant at the time of writing). This message will tell you in the curtain.

If auto-update is enabled, then when you auto-update applications, you will see the same thing. The current application update can be seen in the “My applications and games” section of the Play Market store.

We hope our tips will help you..