Portable speaker with flash drive: which is better to buy?

Many bluetooth speakers have a slot for connecting a micro SD memory card. A much smaller number of devices has flash drive support (USB Type A interface), with which you can listen to your favorite music from a separate source, different, say, from the same micro SD. In this short review, the most interesting in our opinion are music speakers with flash drive support. Note that these are usually rather large devices – small ones are most often not endowed with USB Type A interface support.


Very interesting purchase option from SVEN.

Yes, the speaker is quite large, but it has two 7.5 Watt speakers each, a very cool design, dedicated buttons on the front panel with keys, a small LED display, IPX5 level water protection, reinforced plastic.

The stated operating time is up to 14 hours at a volume level of 60%. Very, very good, agree.

Defender Enjoy M800

Wireless speaker watch from Defender. A budget option with radio support, playback from a USB flash drive and microSD card. Of course, there is an alarm.

A single 3 W speaker is used. Users note good build quality, automatic search for radio stations, loud sound, the ability to connect via Bluetooth, a large clock on the screen.


A stylish speaker that features a capacious 4400 mAh battery. We also managed to find information that this gadget is able to charge other devices, for example, a smartphone.

Note two speakers of 7 watts, a separate subwoofer with a power of 16 watts, convenient control keys and a microphone on the top of the case.

Buyers like sound quality and volume, decent functionality, build quality.


It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the DIGMA S-37 speaker looks unusual and stylish, and besides, it has a convenient handle for carrying.

It is also convenient that all the main controls, as well as ports, are located on the front of the case. The buttons are relatively large and comfortable, the sound is completely regulated by the most comfortable lamb. On the side of the column you can observe the RGB-backlight.

A 24 W subwoofer is used, as well as two small speakers of 3 W each. The sound is loud and high quality. For lovers of singing, the Karaoke function is in store.

Battery capacity – 3600 mAh.

Ginzzu GM-894B

A budget purchase option from Ginzzu. The column is small, but it can please with a connector for connecting a flash drive on the back of the case.

Two speakers of 3 W are used, the stated operating time is up to 8 hours, which is very good, there is a charging indicator. Light weight – only about 300 g.

There are comfortable legs-stand.

Jbl tune

If we talk about inexpensive devices from one of the leaders in the segment of wireless speakers – the company JBL, you can turn your attention to the Tune model.

This is a kind of multi-functional “harvester”: radio, Bluetooth, AUX, support for microSD and flash drives, 3.5 mm headphone output. The speaker is single, its power is 5 watts, and it sounds good, if you believe the reviews, but you should understand that in the first place it is important for listening to the radio.

A choice of several pleasant colors.


Nice speaker from SVEN with a convenient handle that can be folded. In this column, two speakers with a total declared power of 10 W are installed.

The control keys are located on the front panel, and the same connector for connecting a USB flash drive is hidden behind.

Users note a pleasant sound, a long battery life (stated up to 20 hours), compactness, the presence of a radio.

Defender Enjoy S700

If you need a compact version with USB interface support, you can pay attention to the Defender Enjoy S700 column.

The total declared power is 10 watts. There is a convenient fabric handle for carrying, the control keys are on the back of the wall, there is also a USB connector.

Buyers like the sound (given the low cost of the device), the maximum volume level, several colors to choose from, a stylish look. Battery life – 4 hours.

Perfeo grande

Unusual column Perfeo GRANDE, which has a water protection level of IP55, which will protect the device from rain or, say, wet snow.

Also, the wireless speaker Perfeo GRANDE is endowed with an unusual and stylish appearance, decent sound, good battery life (stated up to 10 hours). There is a microphone.

It is impossible not to note the good build quality, and yet – a relatively low cost.


The column is an unusual shape that resembles a radio. Just look at this comfortable pen. With all this, the device is compact, has a large number of different colors, as well as the most convenient lamb for adjusting the sound level. Two speakers of 3 W each are used..

Users were satisfied with the confident Bluetooth connection, pleasant cost, design, functionality, and sound quality.

Ginzzu GM-886B

With all its appearance, the Ginzzu GM-886B resembles a small subwoofer. The latter, by the way, is available here – with a power of 12 watts, and the total power of the speakers is 6 watts. Pay attention to the carry handle, as well as the rather large weight – more than 1.5 kg.

Buyers liked: sound quality and volume, case design, runtime, build quality and materials.

Recall a nice price for a device of this class..


What about miniature options that support USB Type A? These are few, but they are. One example is the SVEN PS-47.

A single 3 W speaker is used. Music playback time – 3.5-4.5 hours (customer data). There is a bright backlight.

As for the sound, users agree that for its price segment the SVEN PS-47 speaker plays very well.