Power Saving Mode on Android Smartphones and Phones

Battery power saving mode is present in many Android firmware today, although until recently it could only be found on some devices. Moreover, the power saving mode appeared even on the iPhone! What is he like?

The power saving mode allows you to extend the battery life of the device. Due to what? It depends on the firmware version of your device, as well as on the smartphone itself. For example, on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the battery life increases due to:

  • Background Data Limitations.
  • CPU performance limits.
  • Optimizing the brightness and frequency of the display frames (the screen is the main source of energy consumption of modern gadgets).
  • Grayscale screen usage (not for all Samsung smartphones).

On other devices, some other restrictions may be used, due to which the duration of the device increases, but this does not change the main essence.

How much time can be gained due to the energy saving mode? Hard to tell. It all depends, firstly, on how you use your device (for example, constantly, without turning off the screen, or rarely, turning on the screen once an hour for 5 minutes), and secondly, on the restrictions that are used on your device. Look, on the same Samsung smartphones AMOLED displays are used (not at all), some support extreme energy saving – the image becomes monochrome, that is, black and white (shades of gray). Since the black dots in this mode on the matrix do not consume energy, you can get a very significant increase in the battery life of the device.

Monochrome mode looks something like this:

How to enable and disable power saving mode on Android?

We will show an example on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Lower the curtain, find the “Energy Saving” mode and click on it.

When activated, the icon will change color.

The second option is through the settings. Go to settings.

Find the “Energy Saving” section, move the switch to the “On” position..

The switch will change color when activated.

Extreme power saving mode, if present, is activated through the settings. The switch must also be moved to the on position..